The streets around the hospital are “NO PARKING”. Please park your car in a neighborhood pay car park even if just for a short time.
If you let us know at the reception desk that you have parked in a car park, we can subsidize part of the parking fee.


院長 服部 幸
The Tokyo Feline Medical Center was established on April 1, 2012.

We wanted to create a hospital that would provide the best care for a cat’s health and happiness. We wanted the hospital to be one in which cats are not subject to stress during preventive treatment visits.
For example, if there were dogs barking or odors in the waiting room, examination or other hospital rooms it would be very stressful for cats. We provide a stress-free environment with no dogs in sight and where cats can be relaxed.

Cats and dogs are very different animals, they contract very different diseases and their body structures are very different. “Through specialization at our cats only veterinary hospital, we can provide specialized medical treatment just for cats.” This is the underlying concept behind the Tokyo Feline Medical Center.

Because cats waiting for examination may hear other cats being treated in the examination room or treatment room, we have set up our waiting room on the first floor and the examination room on the second floor so that both owners and cats can wait without stress.

Cats are very patient. They are very good at hiding their pain or distress when they are sick. When symptoms finally appear, the illness may have already progressed very far. An important first step in protecting your cat is to determine your cat’s problem early on and start the treatment as soon as possible. We recommend a regular check-up.

We are cat specialists. We offer effective advice on how to take care of and establish good communication with your cat. If you have any concerns about your cat, please feel free to talk with us.

Hospitalization is not always necessarily for the best treatment. Let us help select the best treatment for both you and your cat.

Your cat may be distressed by hospitalization. We offer an order made treatment that can include home visits to treat your cat. This individual treatment plan is made for each cat with your informed consent.

Our goal is to make you and your cat happier.

ISFM キャットフレンドリークリニックのゴールドレベルに認定

ISFM (international society of feline medicine) :国際猫医学会からアジアで2件目となるキャットフレンドリークリニックのゴールドレベルに認定していただきました。
ISFM キャットフレンドリークリニックのゴールドレベルに認定


猫専門病院 東京猫医療センター
Tokyo Feline Medical Center